Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Room 14 Beach Movie - Manaiakalani Film Festival

This year students in Room 14 worked together to come up with ideas for our movie. Their were many of great ideas, but the one that stood out the most was creating a musical based on 'Teen Beach Movie'.

The ideas were great, however there was a lot of planning, practicing, filming, recording and editing to do!

Here are some of the skills that the Room 14 film crew had to develop during the process of LEARN, CREATE, SHARE:

  • Use google docs to communicate and plan ideas for the movie
  • Collaborate with other students to plan songs and dance choreography
  • Study and learn the songs and dance movements
  • Teach and guide students the chosen songs and dances

  • Use Garage Band to record and edit voiceovers and songs
  • Use the flip cameras to film scenes
  • Use Hyperstudio to draw background images for greenscreen
  • Use iMovie to edit the final scenes

  • Upload to vimeo
  • Share to Manaiakalani cluster school at the Film Festival
  • Share to the world through our blogs

Well done to Room 14 for such a great job on this year's movie, and an extra special thumbs up to Junior and May who came up with the concept and were the brains behind our movie!


  1. Wow Room 14 - who would have guessed that so much went into the making of your movie. You made it look so easy! I loved seeing you all acting, dancing and singing and you showcase your artistic talents so well too.

    What a bunch of stars!

    Mrs Burt

  2. I loved your movie Room 14 and Miss Ouano. I've never seen or have heard of Teen Beach Movie before! Well done to Junior and May for your ideas. And to your class for the brilliant acting, dancing and singing too. Great presenting from Elizabeth G and Tihi. Your class rocks!

  3. Hi guy's your movie got to be the best movie ever. Now that is what you call fun.

    From Rosalina

  4. Hi Room 14,

    Great Movie. It was really awesome, I really loved all the singing, dancing and also the costumes. You guys pur a lot of effort into it and made really fun. Keep it up.

  5. WOW great movie guys especially when it was your own voices you got some good singers in your class hope to see heaps more in the future

  6. Wow guys that was and awesome remake of teen beach movie. You have amazing singers in your class i cant wait for your next remake.

  7. HI Guys,
    Nice Teen Beach Movie I really like the singer.I can't want to see more in the future.


  8. Hi room 14
    Amazing work on detail in your animations i loved the way you were acting like i was you in the real film and it was real cool how you showed what year fives can do see you in the future.

  9. Hey Room 14
    WOW! This movie is great. It really did make me feel like I was watching the REAL Teen Beach Movie. It would have been really cool to be sucked into a movie, a Teen Beach Movie. I also loved the harmonising with all the songs. Anyway, keep up the great work Room 14.


  10. Hi Room 14 I really enjoyed your movie, it was unfortunate that we didn't get to watch it over the big screen, you all are great actors,
    Tamaki Primary

  11. Hi room 14
    I love the dancing and the singing in the movie. I haven't watch teen beach movie yet but it felt like I was there. Lovely harmonising at the end. Keep up the good work.

    Kingston P from room 21

  12. Hi room 14 your version of Teen Beach movie is pretty good. You guys were like the real actors on the movie. I hope you guy produce another movie to finish off the year. Keep up the good work Room 14.


  13. Hi Room 14,
    Your version of the Teen Beach movie was good. Great acting and singing. Keep up the awesome work!


  14. Hi room 14 your movie was creative I really like it how you made it like teen beach movie great movie keep up the good work

  15. Hello room 14, great movie. I like how you guys made your own version of the Teen Beach Movie. Keep up the great work!! :)

  16. Hi room 14
    Wow i got no word to say all I can say is amazing movie.....

  17. Hey Room 14,
    I don't know what to say..... Only.... WOW!!!! Amazing movie. I think that was a better version of teen beach movie. But what you could of worked on was making it look like you were actually singing. I know it is a bit embarrassing because you're singing in front of each other. But trust there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is all to do with CONFIDENT..... If you don't have confident then you won't be able to build your strength.
    If I was doing a movie like that I would do different shots. And don't do it all green screen. But otherwise that was terrific.

  18. Hey Room 14
    WOW! This movie is great. It really did make me feel like I was watching the REAL Teen Beach Movie. It would have been really cool to be sucked into a movie, a Teen Beach Movie. I also loved the harmonising with all the songs. Anyway, keep up the great work Room 14.

  19. Hello everyone! Thank you all for your lovely comments! We all worked so hard. Looks like all of our hard work paid off!

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Love from Room 14 and Miss Ouano :)

  20. nice work guys like that part when you guys dance so cool

  21. Hi Room 14 i like your teen beach movie its cool it looks like the real movie.From Mitchell

  22. hello your movie is fantastic. Your class has a few good singers in your class. I hope I see more of you guys in the future making good movies.

  23. hi room 14
    your movie was so funny your class are so good at singing.yous guys are great movie charcters too. keep it up room 14
    BY PAIGE in room 8

  24. WOW! room 14
    your movie was amazing I loved your movie. You's a all very talented at singing and dancing. I hope you all had a blast making this movie.

    From Brooklyn room 18

  25. Wow! room 14

    Your movie is just like Teen Beach Movie!!!!!!
    Well done for making this fantastic and amazing movie..

    from Adriel:)

  26. Hi room 14
    I like your Moive because it makes me want to dance in the classroom.

  27. Hi Room14 it was a good movie I wish i where in your calase Room but it make me dance

  28. Wow that was amazing I like the dancing and the singing It actually felt like I was watching the actual movie but just different characters. Good job room 14.

  29. hey Room 14,

    What a great movie. I really liked the theme you used and I really liked the music. I think next time you can maybe work on big green screen. But that is the only bad thing. Keep Up the Good Work.


  30. Wow Room 14 what a movie. I really like your version on the teen beach movie. I can see in the movie you had really lots of fun. Miss Ouano your student are really good actors epically the main Junior and May. I just want to say Well done Room 14. Keep it up !!

  31. Hello Room 14,

    That was a very cool movie. You's guys are good dancers and actors. I really loved that movie. That was a interesting and fun movie. I cant wait for your next movie.

    Keep it up

  32. Hi room 14

    that was a cool Moive

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  34. Hi,Room 14
    I really liked how you make it like teen beach movie and you guys were great at signing and dancing hope you enjoyed filming you guys did a great job.

    From,Luanna At Stonefields School


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