Friday, March 30, 2012

No Camp for Me by Rebekah

Did you know that the year five and six had camp? I did not go to camp because I had chicken pox and that was not fun! I was all ready for camp, but then I got sick!  I missed out on all the fun and great activities. But it is OKAY!

I was very sad when camp started but it was alright staying at home. I do not like chicken pox ! If you had chicken pox when you were starting camp you will be very sad and disappointed too!

I did not get to sleep in a tent with my friends, but I think it was okay because they said that they were shivering and cold . I don't know if they like to sleep in a tent by themself because if they were sleeping by themself they would be very scared and afraid of the dark.

Do you like to sleep in a tent by yourself when you are having school camp? I don't think so. I would be so scared that I would get out of my tent and go to my friends tent and ask her if she can come and sleep with me. I did not want to get chicken pox when camp was starting but I had no choice. 

I wish that I could sleep in a tent when I am a year six. I really want to go to camp next year. I would be so excited and I would be very happy!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Camp by Korobeau

Did you know that the year five and six boys and girls went to camp on Wednesday the fourteenth of March? We had lots of fun. We played a game called Get Lost, we also made dampers and smores.

When the bell rang, all of the teams lined up to do the first activity. My team played ping pong and rollerblading until morning tea.

After morning tea we played Top Team. We went against Miss Ouano's team. We had to chuck gumboots on the other teams castle! The funniest thing was the slingshot and the gumboot throw. We lost, but I had lots of fun.

On the last day of camp all of the teams went to swimarama. We were lucky to go on the Hydro Slide. It was so fun!

Overall, I really enjoyed kayaking the most. I enjoyed all of the other activities too. I wish it was a week long instead of three days. I still had fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Birthday Treats by Rave

On a Friday Morning after assembly , Room fourteen were in for a scrumptious surprise.

My parents made some chocolate cupcakes with icing, filled with chocolate chips, vanilla and coconut. Theyalso made some fruit kebab's with marshmallows apples and bananas on a stick. “Mmmmm” I said. 
When I called out people to get their cupcake and fruit kebab, I had to call two boys
and two girls at time. When the boys and girls all got there cupcake and kebab, they could eat them. They were so delicious people wanted another cupcake and kebab!
There were leftovers, I gave the leftovers out on morning tea.

Room fourteen were feeling so excited and so happy because they were loving their cupcakes and the kebabs. I hope my next Birthday I can bring some more treats to school next year!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Room 14's Blindfold Experience!

Room fourteen were lucky enough to participate in a Blindfold Obstacle Course. This experience was to help us write a recount for our very important writing samples! 
There were a few bumps and falls, but overall Room fourteen had a lot of fun (including Miss Ouano). Please visit our individual blogs to see our amazing recounts about our exhilarating blindfold experience!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faafetai's Vision Board 2012

My Vision Board Goals

I want to get better at swimming this year.

I want to listen to my teacher and achieve my work this year.  

I want to stop teasing my friends so I have friends.

I want to get better at my division and my times tables.

5.Healthy Body:
I want to get some running around the school this year so I get strong and beautiful.

I want to get better at writing this year so I can get a good report.

I want to know all the words in my reading book so I can get more marks.

I want to listen to my mum when she tells me to do something so I don’t get in trouble.

Words that make me happy: Laughing, Church, Mum, Dad, Family,Brothers ,Sisters, Auntie, Uncle ,Funny ,Friends.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Things Take Time by Peh So

Great things take time. I hope I will be good at basketball so I can be on Channel Four.

I will train hard to get better so I can get the big trophy. I want to be in the worlds best games so I can be like Michael Jordan.

J.K Rowling writes Harry Potter books and people like reading them because it was published in 29 different languages. She takes time when she is writing her books.

You have to take time when you are writing because you might make a mistake if you don't check it. You have to work hard so your sentences can make sense. You have to work hard so your story can be good.

J.K  Rowling writes lots of Harry Potter books. Do you know how many book she has sold? 450 million!

Remember to work very hard and take time when you want to achieve your goals.

Great Things Take Time by Cezar

Great things take time. I hope one day I get to be a N.F.L player like the Cowboys and the Bills. In order to get there I will need to work on my passing, kicking, defending and attacking the opponents. If I want to succeed I will have to work hard as J.K. Rowling did.

If you want your work to be perfect you need to plan your writing that you are going to do. Also you will need to edit in your story over and over again. You really need to check because you might put the words and capital letters, fullstops in the wrong spots! Really take time when you do your work so people can be more excited when they read your stories you put on your blog.

When you have edited your writing you put it on your blog so audiences around the world can see the amazing work you have done and leave a good blog comment. Readers around the world would think you have done a good job if you do all of this. Hopefully you have made your work interesting!

If you practice and practice and practice you will make it perfect.
Remember: Great Things Take Time!

Great Things Take Time by Kevine

Did you know that it took J.K Rowling more than 5 years to write one whole book?

When I grow up I would like to be a good writer like J.K Rowling but it will take a lot of practise to be a great writer like her.I hope I will be a good writer like her.

To be a great writer I need to put full stops and capital letters in the right place and check my work. When I grow up I want to write well so I can go to university.