Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faafetai's Vision Board 2012

My Vision Board Goals

I want to get better at swimming this year.

I want to listen to my teacher and achieve my work this year.  

I want to stop teasing my friends so I have friends.

I want to get better at my division and my times tables.

5.Healthy Body:
I want to get some running around the school this year so I get strong and beautiful.

I want to get better at writing this year so I can get a good report.

I want to know all the words in my reading book so I can get more marks.

I want to listen to my mum when she tells me to do something so I don’t get in trouble.

Words that make me happy: Laughing, Church, Mum, Dad, Family,Brothers ,Sisters, Auntie, Uncle ,Funny ,Friends.

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  1. Hi Faafetai

    I like your picture its interesting.
    Its the coolest iv'e seen.

    From Keis :)


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