Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paragraph Burger by Rebekah

A paragraph burger makes your writing so good. Did you know Room 14 is talking about paragraphs?
We like writing cool stuff and we hope that you can figure out what paragraph burgers are. Now I know what paragraph burgers are! First you need to have an introduction, and then you need to have three sentences and a conclusion. The most important thing you need is to write about one main idea. Did you know that you are good at writing too? I like to write paragraphs, I really enjoy it !

Take Charge Pt. England!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Healthy Eating by Siutaka

Healthy food is like food that is healthy for your body and your brain. Junk food is bad for your brain. An example of healthy food is fruit, sandwiches and yoghurt. These are healthy for your body. Water is good for you, coloured drinks are not good for your body because they have a lot of sugar. Toast is good to have for breakfast because it is healthy for your body and it doesn't have much sugar.

Duffy Theatre by Josephine

On a really hot Wednesday, Room 14 went to the Duffy theater. When we had entered the hall  I looked at a lady that was part of Duffy theater. I gasped as I saw the rest of the character’s getting ready for the show. This show was going to be superb.  First of all they introduced themselves, then they got changed into their costumes.... Now the show was about to begin. The message of the show is that when you do not know how to read a book ask your sisters or brothers read it to you and then in time you will learn how to read!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe for an Awesome Pt. Englander by Lesieli


2. Doing the right thing
3. Using your W.I.T.S
4. Taking charge
5. Helping your Friends

How to use the ingredients:

1. Respect - Respect your teachers and friends .

Respect your teacher and yourself by doing your work .

2. Doing the right thing - By doing the right thing you have

to be a good class member and listen to the Teacher .

3.Using your W.I.T.S - Use your W.I.T.S means you have to stay out of

trouble and it also means to be good and walk away.

4.Taking charge -Take charge means to take care of your stuff and take care 

of your Netbook by putting it in it Netbook bag .

5. Helping your friends - Helping your friends means to take care of your friends as well

as being their friend .

Recipe for an Awesome Pt Englander! by Peh So




3. Control

4. Responsibility

5. Kindness.

How to use the ingredients.

1. Respect your teacher and friend.
Respect your teacher and yourself by doing work.

2.You have to use your W.I.T.S so you can be helpful.

3.You can kick a ball when your at the field.

4. Take charge of yourself.

5. Be kind to your friends so you can play with them.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Holiday by Quasia

In the holiday my family and I went to the Pt England beach. It was lots of fun. The water was a little bit cold but warm and I liked it. I did not go for a swim. It was pretty boring but I liked it. You should go to the Pt England beach soon one day. It will wipe your sad smile away! It will bring back your nice smile.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brand new Netbooks!

Sitting on the floor, Room fourteen were patiently waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Burt to arrive! It was the day we had all been waiting for. As soon as the 'A-team' arrived, Room fourteen was dead silent!

Mr. Burt gave us a korero about keeping our netbooks safe, then finally it was time to hand them out.
Each student received their netbook, unwrapped it, and were ready to press the on button following a countdown... 10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

It is the beginning of a new, fun, and exciting way of learning. Room fourteen is going to make the most of our new learning tools. We will learn, create and share our learning with you and the rest of the world!