Monday, December 17, 2012

Haiku Poetry by Lesieli

This week our teacher decided that we needed some fun in our learning.

So we decide to do a Haiku Poetry. If you don't know what I am talking about, well you a just about to know. An 575 Poetry is a Pome that has only 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second  and 5 in the third line.

eg : MY - TA - LAN -TED - FRIEND.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Swiss Blue Bayou - Animated by Room 14

Swiss Blue Bayou - Room 14 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Room Fourteen were given the task to creatively animate lyrics to Swiss' Blue Bayou. Each kids was given a line of lyrics that they had to illustrate using hyperstudio.

It only took two days to put together, thanks to Room Fourteens hard work!

Enjoy :)

Netbook Reflection 2012 by Rebekah

During year four I was using paper and pencil. “Boring Right!” But now I use my a really cool netbook. It is kind of like a laptop but more amazing and more fantastic than pencil and paper. 

Pencil and paper was the only thing that I could only use when I was small and a little bigger. “That is it! I don't want to use paper and pencil ever again”, I said to myself. I was really sad that time when I was using paper and pencil but, now I could smile because I have a brand new netbook. Woo hoo!

When I first got my netbook I was thrilled but I was frustrated at the same time too
because I didn’t know how to use my netbook but a couple of teachers helped me and then I was so very happy!

About my netbook being a learning tool is great anyway and so very exciting because I get to learn how to write narratives and also recounts that I could share to people around the world. They could see it on my cool blog!

Next year I will not play games I will do my work and homework to because it is more important than a game.

Hope you like my netbook reflection.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jumping The Number Line 3 by Josephine

We did Jumping the Number Line again! But now, I we three digit numbers and got it just like a snap! Actually, I expected it to be like a snap but no need to worry I got it in the end. 

Subtracting In Parts by Cezar

I am learning to subtract in parts with double digit numbers.

Retelling The Butter Trap by Chris

There was a girl who was told to get some butter. She went to the corner store, when she got the butter she was swinging it and it fell out. The butter land on the gutter. 

When she got home she lied to her mum that there was a nasty boy who chased her down the road. Mum was so nice because she believed her. 

Dad arrived home for lunch, they went to the nasty boy’s house to solve the problem.
But the nasty boy wasn’t there! He was at boarding school. And dad knew that she was lying.

Toy Making by Kevine

On Tuesday after morning tea, Room Fourteen kids had to make toys using, balloons, straws, bamboo sticks, paper,plastic bottles, string, sizes, cellotape, and lots of other things. We used lots of materials that some of us got from home. It was difficult to pick a toy because all of the toys looked so cool. I picked the square paper spinner.

Then we got started I tried and tried to make the square paper spinner but it was too hard. So I decided to make another toy that was easy, I looked and looked for an easy toy. Finally I found it, a coin centrifuge. The good thing about the coin centrifuge is that you only need a coin or a counter and a balloon.

I got started. I got a coin and a balloon it was kind of hard to put the coin into the balloon so I looked for a little plastic coin. I found one in the counter jar. I put it in and it fit. I started to blow my balloon I tied the top so the air doesn’t come out, I did it really tight. Finally it was done I shaked it then I stopped and the coin inside was spinning really fast.

Overall I enjoyed making toys. Next time I will look for a easy toy to make. I will try to work faster. The bad thing about my balloon is that is popped.

If you would like to make this toy click here.

Adding Ones and Tens by Karmana

Maths is  a wonderful and helpful thing because it will help you when you get older. I have been practicing how to add ones and tens.

Making Donuts by Rave

"Who would like to make some donuts?" my teacher said. "I do, I do", everyone said. On golden time today my class and I had a chance to make some donuts with our teacher.

The things we needed were cooking spray, pancake mix, a donut maker, sprinkles and icing. First we had to get the pancake mix and poor some water in it to make it a batter. 

After that we poured the batter into the donut maker one by one and we closed the lid of the maker and they cook. 

Then they came out looking fantastic and amazing. When they were all brown and looked cooked, it was time to decorate them. There were yellow and black sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and yellow and orange sprinkles. I put all of them on to make it look like a rainbow.

In the end my one looked amazing and I had  lovely experience.

Jumping the Number Line by Byron

LI: I am learning to jump through a tidy number on a number line to solve problems like 17 + □ = 91.

How to Make A Balloon Rocket by Emmy

                                       I hope you like it.