Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making Donuts by Rave

"Who would like to make some donuts?" my teacher said. "I do, I do", everyone said. On golden time today my class and I had a chance to make some donuts with our teacher.

The things we needed were cooking spray, pancake mix, a donut maker, sprinkles and icing. First we had to get the pancake mix and poor some water in it to make it a batter. 

After that we poured the batter into the donut maker one by one and we closed the lid of the maker and they cook. 

Then they came out looking fantastic and amazing. When they were all brown and looked cooked, it was time to decorate them. There were yellow and black sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and yellow and orange sprinkles. I put all of them on to make it look like a rainbow.

In the end my one looked amazing and I had  lovely experience.

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