Monday, October 13, 2014

Masterton by Adriel

My holiday was great but the first day of the holiday…… not my favourite. If you’re wondering why it was not my greatest day ever here is why. When you’re sitting in a bus for 11 hours and then hop on another bus for about two hours just to go to Masterton how would you feel?

The people that  were travelling with me to Masterton was my cousin,my brother and my nana. At masterton I was staying with my cousins,nanas and Aunty. It was a very tiring trip but we made it all the way.

What happened in Masterton!
In Masterton  we did a lot of things. Long story short we did swimming, cooking, playing and had fun with the family. It was a busy week, but at the same time it was fun and exciting to learn how they do things in Masterton.