Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why You Should Learn to Swim by Rima

Do you like swimming? Lot and lots of people love swimming. But do you know that some people can’t even swim. The reason you have to practice swimming is because if you drown you could die.

For an example, if you went kayaking and you couldn't control yourself and you were somewhere deep, you could fall and drown that's why you must practice swimming. If you don’t you will swallow the water, and when you jump up you will be coughing.

When you go back in the water you will have no breath left and it
will be really sad if you died and you could get cut and there will be blood coming out. But if you wear a live vest you will still be alive.

So please wear life vest and learn to swim. If you don’t, you know what will happen. Remember to practice swimming  and wearing  life vest. It could save you life!

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  1. WEll done rima
    That is super good that why we Should Learn how to swim it is so awesome if we know how to swim


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