Sunday, March 23, 2014

Year 5 and 6 Camp by Angelo

Did you see me throwing water balloons last week? I was at year five and six camp on the field. I was playing top town.

During top town on the bottom field, we had to use cooperation  to try and get to the war zone, without touching the screaming eels. My group the All stars only had three boards to get to the war zone. When we got to the war zone we had to throw water balloons at the other group's castle.

Get lost was another thing that I liked  at  camp. It was like we were playing the Amazing race. My favourite thing in get lost was the face painting and dress ups. We had to use ipads  to prove that we did what the clue told us to do. The hardest thing was building a box, there were so many pieces to put together.

Camp was awesome, but  I was filled with tears on the day when we were packing and cleaning our tents. The best thing liked was when we went to the pools. Next time I'm looking  forward to not one but two camps next year, it will be phenomenal!

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  1. HI,Angelo I really like your story because you had detail in your story and I also like the photo that you
    add in with your story.By DJ


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