Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Should We Learn To Swim? By Seini

Why Should We Learn To Swim

You need to learn to swim and keep safe in the water at all times.You might even learn a new swimming skill or make up your own skill. Enjoy your time learning to swim.

You need to know how to keep safe in water so that you will stay alive. For example If you were at the beach and you were at a really deep spot  and you couldn’t swim you can already start drowning. Thats why its important to swim.

If I was going to a birthday party and we were going to the swimming pools and I didn’t know how to swim. I would be staying In shallow pool with the some toddlers and all the other kids in my age would be having fun and I would be in the corner with my eyes shedding tears.

Swimming is sometimes complicated, tricky for some people to learn, but is really important. It’s fun, keeps you alive and also healthy. Would you want to learn to swim? I hope you do start learning or even teach others to swim.


  1. Well done Seni
    I like the way that you where talking about why we should learn how to swim because that is really important for people around the world. That is great of you talking about how to swim. Because it said that 25% of kids does not know how to swim because when they were little they did not know how to swim.Keep up the good work. And I am looking forward how to swim.

  2. Hi class 10

    It looks like you had so much fun at the Pt England School beach


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