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Cultures in Class 10!

My family is from Auckland New Zealand. In my Maori culture we eat different food like hangi and many more. And the clothes that we were are piupiu. - Dezarae
Putting down a hāngi

 My family is from Samoa.  In my culture we climb up coconut trees to get some refreshments.  Sometimes when we feel like we need to cool down even more we go down to the beach where it is nice and clean you can even see the fish and crabs. Our crabs are big you could feed like I think about around seven people. When we go out we wear lava lava’s and shorts because it’s too HOT their. Sometimes when I go to my Aunt's house i play with my cousin and we also have a lot of   delicious things to eat. - Heather

My family and I is from Bangladesh. In my culture we celebrate something called Ead it is when girls and boys gets to show of their new clothes. My favorite part is when adults give money to kids, after that it will be our decision to save it or waste it.  What would you do with the money?
as Artocarpus integrifolia

My country is Aotearoa. I am Maori, my family loves boil up and hangi. My favourite Maori food is stuffing with chicken and mashed potatoes. My family loves to play with poi’s and make beats. Are you good at playing with poi’s can you beat me? - Omari

In my own culture we have to eat Tongan food and sometimes my dad bakes us some Moa. My  family is from Tonga and we can eat Tongan food. I like fish and talo. Lanzie

Samoa is a nice cooling place to be. Sometimes we do spearfishing in the shallow waters. In Samoa we do like swimming in the water and it is so clear to swim in.

Did you know that  at Samoan people there like to eatall kinds of food, like chicken, shrimps, oysters and other kinds of food? IsaacTonga/Samoa Feb 2009

My family is from Samoa and we love to wear lavalava to birthdays ,weddings and funerals. In my culture we love to climb trees to get some banana and coconut to eat for our family during the morning.What culture are you from and what do you and your family like to do?  Revival 
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My Family is Culture is Muslim. In My Culture When they turn ten years old they gold they bracelets, necklaces, earings. In my culture when girls turn ten years old they have to wear head scarf. Alisha

All-India Muslim League

My family is from Auckland , New Zealand. We mostly  eat  seafood. Did you know when it is a special welcome the Maori people  do a powhiri and a haka.  Waimaria

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