Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe for an Awesome Pt. Englander by Lesieli


2. Doing the right thing
3. Using your W.I.T.S
4. Taking charge
5. Helping your Friends

How to use the ingredients:

1. Respect - Respect your teachers and friends .

Respect your teacher and yourself by doing your work .

2. Doing the right thing - By doing the right thing you have

to be a good class member and listen to the Teacher .

3.Using your W.I.T.S - Use your W.I.T.S means you have to stay out of

trouble and it also means to be good and walk away.

4.Taking charge -Take charge means to take care of your stuff and take care 

of your Netbook by putting it in it Netbook bag .

5. Helping your friends - Helping your friends means to take care of your friends as well

as being their friend .

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  1. To Lesili
    I really liked your recipe for an awesome Point Englander. It will really guide the new people at our school how to be an awesome Point Englander. Just maybe in your next post you could proof read it before publishing. Good Work!!!!

    From Ashlee


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