Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Things Take Time by Peh So

Great things take time. I hope I will be good at basketball so I can be on Channel Four.

I will train hard to get better so I can get the big trophy. I want to be in the worlds best games so I can be like Michael Jordan.

J.K Rowling writes Harry Potter books and people like reading them because it was published in 29 different languages. She takes time when she is writing her books.

You have to take time when you are writing because you might make a mistake if you don't check it. You have to work hard so your sentences can make sense. You have to work hard so your story can be good.

J.K  Rowling writes lots of Harry Potter books. Do you know how many book she has sold? 450 million!

Remember to work very hard and take time when you want to achieve your goals.

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  1. Hi Peh So,
    You are absoulotly right! Great things do take time. Did you know that my favourite author is J.K Rowling? Who is your favourite author? Well I hope you achieve your dream. Keep up the awesome work.


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