Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Things Take Time by Cezar

Great things take time. I hope one day I get to be a N.F.L player like the Cowboys and the Bills. In order to get there I will need to work on my passing, kicking, defending and attacking the opponents. If I want to succeed I will have to work hard as J.K. Rowling did.

If you want your work to be perfect you need to plan your writing that you are going to do. Also you will need to edit in your story over and over again. You really need to check because you might put the words and capital letters, fullstops in the wrong spots! Really take time when you do your work so people can be more excited when they read your stories you put on your blog.

When you have edited your writing you put it on your blog so audiences around the world can see the amazing work you have done and leave a good blog comment. Readers around the world would think you have done a good job if you do all of this. Hopefully you have made your work interesting!

If you practice and practice and practice you will make it perfect.
Remember: Great Things Take Time!

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