Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cross Country by Jonson

Last Friday, we had Cross Country. Mr Burt took the year five boys to the reserve, it was a bit muddy on the grass. We couldn`t go first because the girls had to go before us. 

When we were running it was a bit sloshy and wet. There were puddles that my shoes got caught in when we were running on the path.

It got a bit freaky when I got to the creek. There was a lot of mud and a long river. I nearly fell down on the mud. The part that I didn't like was going down and going up the stairs in the creek. When we went out of that first lot of creeks, there was another lot.

When I got to school people were cheering for their house colours. I hung out with some of my friends, telling them what they came but they didn't know what they came.

I didn`t come first, I came seventh, but I really enjoyed that Cross Country!

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