Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Antarctica: The Frozen Continent

This term our school wide inquiry is about Science. Our terms slogan is 'PSI - Pt England Investigates'. Team 4 are investigating all about Antarctica. Here is some of our cool learning this week. We hope you learn something new!

Dictogloss: Antarctica The Frozen Continent by Quinlan

In Antarctica the South Pole is found at the bottom of New Zealand. The ocean around Antarctica is called the Southern Ocean. It is the most driest and coldest continent on earth.

No people call Antarctica home only researchers. Some animals can survive in Antarctica like penguins, seals and snow petrels.

Antarctica by Izac

Antarctica is in the south pole, which is at bottom of New Zealand. The ocean around Antarctica is called southern ocean. It is the driest and coldest continent on the earth.

Ture Seals and Eared Seals by Mista

All About Icebergs by Alizhay

This is my google drawing All About Icebergs.

Cupcake Core Sampling by Tevita
This morning Room 14 have been learning how to take core samples. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core (inside) looked like. In real life geologists take samples of what is under the land.

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