Monday, August 19, 2013

Performing Plays in Room 14

This week in Room 14 we have been learning to read with expression. Reading with expression means to read with different tones, sounding like the character, and not sounding like a half asleep robot!

First we read our plays with our group and Miss Ouano. Then we practiced reading the play with our group in a quiet place. We had to make sure when we were reading with our group we worked together and worked as a team.

Once we had practiced, we then presented our plays to our class! Performing in front of the class was really embarrassing and really nerve racking, but in the end it was loads of fun!

After our performance, we recorded ourselves reading our play’s using Audio Boo. We then posted our boo’s to our blogs, so that others can hear our expressive reading.

Reading with expression has helped us to learn many skills, here are some:
  • Understanding the story
  • Working well with a team
  • Expressing ourselves through drama
  • Performing confidently to an audience
  • Improving our oral language
And lastly having fun!

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our learning! Be sure to leave a comment on our awesome blogs!

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