Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Five Skills (Key Competencies)

The key competencies. What does it mean to you? The key competencies are the sensible skills that we use to keep our brains going and learning other things.

Managing self is what I’m really successful at. For example in our class the students could be chatting and one person is sitting up and ready to learn for the day.Thinking is one of the other things that I’m really good at because when the teacher asks us a question we think about that question and use our brain to find data and give the ideas.

I am really good at lots of things, but I still need to improve some of my learning as well as  participating and contributing. I’m good at doing that but I need a bit more practice. What I need to practice is speaking clearly because I am sometimes shy when I’m in front of an audience or crowd.

These five skills thinking, managing self, participating and contributing,relating to others and using language symbols and texts has to be included in schools. So make sure you start doing it even though other people are being silly around you.

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