Thursday, November 27, 2014

Auckland Art Gallery by Vinolia

Auckland Art gallery

Our trip to the Art gallery
On friday class ten, nine and some of the other year five kids from class six traveled to the art gallery.When we where on the bus to the art gallery the bus was full of excitement. As soon as we got there we jumped off the bus and walked to the entrance. Then the parents when talking about our sessions. I will tell you more about our sessions on the other paragraphs.

Session one
When it was our first session it was our gallery tour. If you do not know what it means it means all groups got a lady that gave us a tour around the gallery. In my group we had a lovely woman named charlotte. She took us to look at how a picture tells a story. After that every group went to were we usually meet. Then we have our break.

Session two
When our break got completed our class (class 10) went with Mandy to the studio. Did you know that the studio was my favorite room. It was so fun, but what we actually did was telling a story in our paper jar. Afterwards it was our second break and it was just like our first one.

Session three
Just as our break was done this was the part when we have our free time. That was the part when we get to do the lego and the learning center.  Then we split up into our groups but my group went to the lego first.

Towards the end of our lovely trip we had to meet where we always meet to hop on the bus, and get back to school. While we where on the bus boys were on in the front of the bus, and girls were at the back of the bus. Next time if you go to the Auckland art gallery and you see more about it you have to tell me about your trip there.

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