Monday, December 8, 2014

Problem at the Pole - Reading with expression by Talita

This week Nga Kea had the same book as the Penguins. We had the same task, and that was to...
1. Get into groups.
2. Get some books.
3. Make sure with our teacher we were allowed to record in a quiet place.
4. Start recording.
After we had done that, we posted it to our blog's. 

You never know if we are doing a video of this! So watch out for the video.
These are the people in my group:
-Venetia (Nga Kea)
-Yvonne (Nga Kea)
-Me (Nga Kea)
-Seini (Penguins)
-Waimaria (Penguins)
-Rima (Penguins)

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