Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miss Ouano's Birthday by Rave

Not Long after free time our teacher said to me and my friend “Could you Please go and get the GIANT Cupcake out of my car? ". Me and my friend replied “Okay”, so then we went to the carpark. When we got there we found her car and we saw the GIANT Cupcake! It had blue icing with hearts and stars sprinkles. 

When we got back to class we had a shared lunch. There were lots of chips and biscuits on the table, it was filled with goodies! In our class there are 30 children, so everybody had to bring some food. Some people bought biscuits and chips, I bought Jelly and Biscuits.

When me and my friend finished putting the goodies on the table we sat down and gave out the plates and napkins. After we finished handing out our teacher Miss Ouano cut the GIANT cupcake and asked us to come up to the table. She handed out some pieces to people. Meanwhile other people were lining up to get some food from the goodie table.

People lined up one by one and chose their food. After they went up to the table, more and more people went to go get their food. My class sat down on the mat and ate. We could go get more food if we wanted to and we could get more cake. After we ate there was a big mess so some people stayed and help my teacher clean up.

I hope next term we can have another shared lunch and bring more food. I hope it will be my teachers birthday again and we can have another GIANT Cupcake! It was yummy!


  1. Wow Rave, that is the biggest cupcake I have ever seen - it sounds like you all had a wonderful day having a shared lunch for Miss Ouano's birthday
    *From Mum*

  2. that looks sooo yummy please give me tips on making one hehe sooo good

  3. Hello! Miss Ouano, wow that looks so yum. Who made you that GIANT cupcake and who bought those packet of chip's because there is allot of them. That look's sooo yummy but did you feel like it was just a shared lunch?


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