Friday, June 22, 2012

Youth Town by Korobeau

Did you know last week When I got to school I was so excited because Room 14 was going to Youth Town? When the second bell went I ran to class to go to the hall. At the hall we got into our groups and hopped on the bus.

When we got there all of us were happy to get in. Miss Ouano lead us to the room that we make clay ornaments in. The instructor was showing us how to make the ornaments then we started with the clay.

We were happy with our work that we made when were were all done. Then time was up, we all said bye because it was time to move on and get ready for the next thing. We got ready to swim.

I thought Youth Town was cool and exciting because we got to make clay and to swim in a heated pool. I hope next time we get to go there again!

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