Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Embedding Photos from Flickr

This morning in Room 14, we were learning how to embed photos from Flickr. We learnt all about what a HTML code is, how to find it, and where to use it.

The photos we used, were taken at our local Omaru Creek during The River Talks show. The River Talks was held for our community to raise awareness of the bad state our river is in. People shared their experiences, opinions and thoughts about Omaru Creek.

Here are some examples of our amazing embedding skills:

This is a photo from the Omaru Creek, you are looking at a clay pot full of clean water - Izac.

This is a photo of a wet sheet that was dipped in the Omaru creek. Look how dirty the water is - Maysun.

This photo was taken at the River Talks show at Omaru Creek. In the photo is a lady covered in clay because it shows how she feels about the river - Sarai.

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  1. Cool pictures Room 14. I like how you took pictures and embedded it into filcker. What was your Favorite time of the day?


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