Monday, March 4, 2013

Swimming by Toma

Room fourteen were thrilled when we were In the changing room. We put on our togs, but sometimes we would use some spare togs and some people sometimes bring some goggles. My class and I swam for two weeks In Glen Innes aquatic center to learn how swim to survive.

When we got the pools we had to put our school unIform on a big stage. Then we had to go and have a rinse in the shower. I am in group one with James, Izac, UlI, TIhI, Mista, Henry and MaurIce. Our Instructor was Toby and he is awesome!!!!!.

After that we went on to learn some swimming skIlls. First we always do crocodIle arms It Is very easy sometimes and fun. After that we dId motorbIke arms it is cool lIke when we are swimmIng to Island and back to the begInnIng It Is sometimes hard for me.

I really felt super marvelous with my swimming and I felt really sad that we have no more swimming. I really miss Toby the most, and I also want hair like Toby too.

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