Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Friends by Talita

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This is my friend and she the best.

Hi and welcome to read the right thing. I am Talita live at Pt England school and today we are to talking about being a good friend. This is how you be one of the coolest friend ever (plus a bit more). We’re going to talk about qualities our first one is to be about caring for each other. To do this you will have to care for peoples things or them. For example if one of your friends leaves their netbook on the ground, pick it up.

This is the second part of the show is about cheering one another up. The first step is make a joke up and if that does not work then do the second step which is work pat their back saying are you alright. For example if someone is crying go over to them and ask them if they're alright patting them on the back.

Okay if you need a break go and get one but if you’re not tired keep reading. The next I am going to be talking is about how we are going to end the show and that is…   I hoped you enjoyed, because if you did see you next time on reading the right thing.   

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