Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Statistical Investigations in Class 10!

We have been learning to conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle. Class 10 are data detectives! Here are some cool photos of us


  1. What a wonderful start to the year Class 10. Data Detectives sound very serious, but I can see you are having fun while you are learning. Well done to all of you.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Wow Room 14 it looks like you have been very busy. Sounds like you are going to have a very good year full of learning. I look forward to following your journey through your blog

    1. Hi Mrs Richardson,

      Thank you for visiting our blog, e have been very busy! We will definitely be visiting your blog and leaving comments.

      Miss Ouano :)

  3. Hi class 10

    I like the way you have been learning about statistical.
    What will you be learning next time keep up the learning.

    from Vinolia


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