Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BMX Cycling by Jonson

The Olympic event I have chosen is Bmx cycling. You have to cycle fast to come first. You also have to stay in front of the race so you can win the gold medal!
BMX cycling was started in the1960's in California.
BMX first appeared in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. A man called Latvias Maris Strombergs won the first BMX olympics race.

You need a BMX bike if you are going to ride on the tracks, and you have to have protective clothing. It might be handy to have a helmet for your head!

If you want to win your bike has to be light so it can go quite fast. You need to know how to do bunny hops so you can have a better view when you get to a ramp. It is also important to be smart and know were the tracks are!

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