Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympic Rings Mosaic by Lesieli

Mosaics can be images you create with small pieces of coloured cardboard, glitter, or other materials. Some Mosaics are usually made by small pieces of glass or coloured stone. Today in Room 17 we made a Mosaic out of Cardboard, glitter, materials and paper.

The image we had to do were The Olympic Rings. The reason why we did this was because our Inquiry is about The London Olympics 2012.

After all our pieces were finished and we put it together and it became the Five Rings of the Olympic Games. There was one piece missing and that was part of the green as you can see.

Overall, I had a great time creating our mosaic! Doesn't it look fantastic?


  1. Good job.
    you are very creative. I really like what you did.


  2. Waimaria
    I like your photo becaues it was a clever shot.Can you make your work even maybe next time you could.Keep up the good work


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