Friday, July 27, 2012

PES Blogger Awards 2012

Miss Ouano and Room 14 are very proud of two smart and ambitious young ladies in our class! These wonderful girls stole the show at the the PES Blogger Awards today, winning 1st and 2 nd place for posting the most blog posts at out school!

Nearing the end of Assembly, Mrs Burt appeared to help give out the Reading Support Graduation Awards, no one was expecting anything else. Mrs Burt told us about her amazing trip and how she travelled FOUR continents. She then went on to say that she had met some researchers who gave her some fantastic statistics about the number of blog posts some children were making!  The fantastic result of the these statistics lead to a school acknowledgement to those who dedicate their time to write amazing and exciting blog posts!

Josephine and Lesieli were called up to the stage to received their awards for "Most Blog Posts". Josephine came in first place with a whopping 36 posts in Term One! Following closely behind came Lesieli at second place!

Lesieli and Josephine have been doing so well! They are always wanting to share their learning and experiences on their blog, even in their free time!

Well done Josephine and Lesieli! We are all very proud of you!

Miss Ouano :)

Blogger Awards Winner! By Lesieli 
Think left, Think right, Think low and Think high! Oh the things you can do when you try your best! I use my blog to tell my story and hopefully inspire my readers to break out of the box and feel comfortable to follow their dreams.

Today was a very special day and a lucky day for me and my friends. Today in assembly I have been given a Blogger Award for the most blogging in Term 1 at Pt. England School. This award was given to me by our head Maniakalani Teacher, Mrs Burt. I really appreciated it!  

Listing and Looking, Mrs Burt came out and said here are some blogger winners. Sitting there I though to myself, there is not way that it would be me. Then the next thing you know... my name is called out ..."LESIELI" ... I froze and looked.There was Mrs Burt waiting for me to come up. I got a prize pack and my friend JOSEPHINE got a prize pack too.


Lucky Awards by Josephine
Today was a very special and a lucky day for me and my friends because in a assembly I have been given a very special blogger award which is very cool ! This award was given from Mrs Burt, I had made the most blog posts at Pt. England School!! I really appreciate that it was given to me!

It  all began when it was time for the very special blogging awards! I was sitting down and thought that it couldn't possibly be me! I listened to Mrs Burt! "The person with thirty six posts is... JOSEPHINE!", She shouted as my blog appeared. I was amazingly shocked and froze. I stood up to get my award!  "Come and get your very special VIP award", She  said! Then I crazily froze for a little bit! She placed it on my neck I felt so special! Sela and Lesieli got their awards too!

When it was done we had to get the rest of our prizes! like... pencils and pens! Then we got a photo! We were feeling so happy!


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