Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympic Opening Ceremony by Rebekah

Mike Mcroberts was reporting at the Kiwi House in london for the Olympic opening ceremony in last night. New Zealanders were cheering and were waving their flags at the Kiwi House.

Did you know that there were fireworks, dancing, singing, instruments, medals? The fireworks were so amazing and fantastic that it blew me away!

Mr. Bean was playing an instrument at the opening ceremony and he was so bored that he fell asleep and had a perfect dream.

It would be so cool going in a helicopter because I heard that James Bond and Queen Elizabeth went into a helicopter so they can see the olympic opening ceremony.

If I was in the audience or crowd I would be so thrilled and maybe fainting already and I will be cheering and screaming for my team NZ! When you were watching the olympic opening ceremony did you see the fiery olympic rings on prime?

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